Sunday, January 05, 2014

Sad about Phil Everly, but the great rock'n'roll quartet are still with us

There's no way you can say this without appearing to be tempting fate but the death of Phil Everly is another reminder of the fact that the great quartet of rock'n'roll front men - Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and Fats Domino - are all still with us.

Chuck Berry, who's 87, is due to play his next gig in ten days time at Blueberry Hill, Missouri.

Jerry Lee Lewis, who claims to be only 78, is doing the Sams Town Casino on February 1st.

81-year-old Little Richard claims that he played his last gig at the Howard Theatre in Washington on September 1st after he experienced trouble breathing. He's probably just waiting for the right offer.

Fats Domino, 85, has just been announced as an Honorary Grand Marshall at March's Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans, although he isn't feeling up to riding on a float and has relinquished the duty of playing his hits to his son. 

Considering that he was thought dead in Hurricane Katrina, which washed away many of his possessions, it's amazing Domino's here at all. You could say the same for all four of them. In their different ways, none of them have been poster boys for living right.


  1. If you wrote a piece on each of them for The Oldie's 'Still With Us' they'd all have pegged it within the year.

  2. I wonder how the others felt when Jerry Lee Lewis released an album called 'Last Man Standing'.

  3. From the world of Comicana - Stan Lee. Served in WW2, created, co-created, wrote and edited. Spider-Man, The Hulk, The Avengers, Thor, Silver Surfer, The X Men, Fantastic Four and most of the Marvel universe (a cousin of rock roll and pop culture)

    Not a rock and roll lifestyle, but Stan has been creating and publishing comics aince WW2, and still writing titles for BOOM! and making cameos in Marvel films at 91

  4. Chuck is a mixed bag and, according to my friends who read my review and saw him 20 years ago, has been for a while. Short version: he can't play any more, but he's still Chuck Berry dammit! If you're interested, the whole review is here:

  5. Although Jerry Lee is the only member of the Million Dollar Quartet still with us, which is little short of a miracle.