Friday, May 24, 2013

I make my recording debut with the Duckworth Lewis Method

On July 8th, just a couple of days before the first Ashes test, we're presenting a very special Word In Your Ear show in the Thomas Lord suite at Lord's cricket ground with the Duckworth Lewis Method.

They're the band fronted by Neil Hannon from the Divine Comedy and Thomas Walsh from Pugwash who perform cricket-inspired material. Their first album, which came out in 2007, was a huge favourite in The Word office. The new one's called Sticky Wickets and it comes out on July 1st. You should come to the show (tickets priced £18) because it'll be great fun. You should get the album not least because I'm on it. As in I'm on the last track, singing wordlessly on a classic throwaway instrumental called Nudging And Nurdling along with Chris Addison, Alexander Armstrong, Phill Jupitus and a host of others. It was a great thrill.

Here's a snap from the session, featuring Neil, Kate Mossman, Dave Gregory, Mark Ellen and Thomas Walsh.

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  1. Dave Gregory looking remarkably like a young Neil Innes!