Friday, March 08, 2013

Is Ron Sexsmith the politest man in rock?

In the same week Justin Bieber committed the unpardonable sin of going on stage at an hour which was more convenient for him than it was for his young fans it was interesting to go and see Ron Sexsmith, who appears to be at least a contender for the title as the politest man in rock.

Last night at the Albert Hall he repeatedly thanked the audience for coming. He thanked his parents, who had come from Canada to be in the audience. He thanked the fans who had travelled from different parts of the world. There was a special mention for an Irish fan who was too ill to travel. He thanked his band and said "my name is on the marquee but they've worked just as hard as I have for just as long". Finally he thanked the soundman and the crew, who don't get thanked nearly enough.

There's not enough of this kind of thing.


  1. Yea ,he comes across as a nice bloke.I had the honour of seeing him live once.Much underrated .My Photos of him Live

  2. There's not enough Ron Sexsmith in general.

  3. So thank you Google for providing the platform for today's Steve Jobs, who worked so hard to put together the staging...and let's not forget Mr Tim Berners-Lee, ladies and gentlemen, without whom we just wouldn't be sharing these thoughts in the way we are – let's hear it for Tim…

  4. All you see is the ground, and there’s nowhere to go but down

    This is my interpretation of Nowhere To Go (Ron Sexsmith

  5. I concur. And to think he was on the verge of calling it a day.

  6. I was listening to his new album the other day, and I can't help thinking that anyone enjoying that degree of success as a result of producing such banal and pedestrian material should be very thankful indeed. I'm sure he's lovely though...