Tuesday, June 12, 2012

At least *somebody's* reading the papers!

Samir Nasri followed his goal for France last night by making a shushing gesture in the direction of the French press, some of whom had been critical of his performances in the European Championship warm-up games.

This came just a couple of days after West Indies cricketer Denesh Ramdin had celebrated his century against England by taking off his gloves, laboriously digging out a piece of paper from his pocket and pointing it at Viv Richards in the commentary box. Apparently Sir Viv had been critical of Ramdin in the press and he'd taken it to heart.

There's lots of good news here. Sports administrators all over the world are no doubt trying to contact Sir Viv right now in the hope that he can be persuaded to bollock members of their teams. And the sky is black with hats in newspaper offices all over the world at this resounding vote of confidence in their continued relevance. At least somebody's reading them.


  1. Lord Viv should swat that little bug ramdin and be done with him. that was only his second test century!

  2. I just wonder whether it was only because of Tweets and Facebook status's that these guys knew about the stories at all?... :-)