Monday, January 23, 2012

Plus one minus one

Watching Annie Hall again I found myself wondering about the girl who plays Tony Lacey's (Paul Simon) impossibly gamine girlfriend. Looked her up. Her name was Laurie Bird. She also played The Girl in Monte Hellman's "Two Lane Blacktop", opposite James Taylor and Dennis Wilson.

Clearly in the eye of a film director Laurie was what a rich rock star's girlfriend looked like. Two years after Annie Hall she committed suicide in the apartment she shared with Art Garfunkel. She's the girl on his left on the sleeve of "Breakaway". Makes you think.


  1. Two Lane Blacktop is the very epitome of a road movie (with apologies to Crosby and Hope). With cheekbones like that I'm guessing Breakaway wasn't the only album sleeve Laurie Bird adorned.

  2. I'm surprised she wasn't a model. She looked perfect for hanging out with Jack and Angelica.

  3. and the girl on Garfunkel's right is Greek actress Helena Kallianiotes who did a memorable cameo in 'Five Easy Pieces', another great road movie.