Friday, September 02, 2011

Whistle Test and me

Spent a morning this week with Bob Harris and his Radio Two team who are doing a whole series of radio shows celebrating the legacy of Old Grey Whistle Test. The idea is to do one programme about each series of the show, to talk to old presenters and record sessions with the bands, many of whom are still playing. I went on the day Gang Of Four, Squeeze and Nick Lowe were booked in. We recorded it in the huge studio at Maida Vale. There's a plaque marking the fact that Bing Crosby did his last recording there in 1977. He died the following day on the golf course. I talked to the engineer who did the session. Since Whistle Test seemed to be in the air, I wrote down my personal reminiscences of my experience working on it in the early 80s in a feature in The Word. You can read it here .


  1. The dying days of the Mullet!

  2. When I was young my mum used to hate me watching the OGWT which is probably why I loved ti so much!!

    I was once lucky enough to be in the studio during a broadcast of the show but I can't for the life remember if you were one of the presenters - I think it may have been Mark and Andy!