Friday, September 03, 2010

And did those feet cling to this windowsill?

Walking down Carnaby Street yesterday evening I spotted this above a shop. Since Don Arden was an impresario whose reputation was mainly founded on the legend that he dangled a business associate out of a window by his ankles and the "Small Faces" (inverted commas in that context look like the mark of a local paper) always said that they never got paid at any stage of their careers, it seems odd that his place of business should be marked in this way.

Better maybe that the building be recognised for its other legendary tenant - "Smash Hits" magazine during the 1980s.


  1. It's there for all the usual tedious PR reasons - not unconnected with the proximity of "mod" shops Merc and Ben Sherman (and I use the parentheses advisedly...)

  2. The campaign starts here.

  3. I went to the do on the day of the plaque's unveiling (about 3 years ago this month, I think). Somehow I missed Kenny Jones doing the reveal, but did get to meet Ronnie Lane's brother - 'Happiness' Stan Lane.

    PS - wasn't Peter Grant one of Arden's employees, where he learnt the 'rough stuff' style of management

  4. The other legendary Tennant, surely...Neil?

  5. Those inverted commas really do look awful, awful, awful.