Tuesday, April 06, 2010

If I may be so bold, Prime Minister

I read Andrew Rawnsley's The End of the Party this weekend. As well as a reminder of just how big a comeback the c-word has made in the last ten years (it comes to something when Mrs Alistair Darling is using it about the people next door), it's a valuable inoculation against the claims we'll be hearing from politicians of all parties in the next few weeks. The present government, being largely made up of lawyers, introduced a new law for every day they were in power. Many of these laws didn't have the anticipated effect, which caused immense frustration in Downing Street. In the midst of one of these bouts of soul searching the Cabinet Secretary pointed out to Tony Blair, in front of witnesses, "you have no one around you who has got any experience of managing anything". In most spheres of endeavour this would be considered a fairly basic requirement. Not in government, oddly enough.


  1. I think most of industry has the same afliction personally :-)

  2. According to Private Eye Maggie Darling has requested a correction in future editions. Apparently, she didn't use the c-word at all but limited herself to the much more passe f-word.