Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Could I have done this and forgotten about it?

I don't know what Phill Jupitus was doing with a copy of the 1967 Radio One Annual. Anyway, he sent me this today. I don't think the David Hepworth who wrote that piece about Ed Stewart was me, largely because I'm not quite old enough. I'm also aware that I have forgotten about lots of things I've done professionally. People send me YouTube links to clips from old TV programmes of which I have no direct recollection. I get to the stage where I approach old events by assessing the likelihood. Did I meet the people? Did I go to the place? Therefore it's possible I may have been in that place with that person.

A couple of years ago a colleague of mine was talking to Robert Smith of The Cure. My colleague mentioned me. "Ah," said Robert Smith. "David Hepworth knows something about me that nobody else does." Obviously, he didn't say what that thing was or how significant or trivial it might be. I haven't met Robert Smith this century but back in the early 80s I interviewed him a couple of times and therefore it's possible that he did tell me something that I didn't write. He may have told me something that I didn't appreciate the significance of. I've thought about it and nothing comes to mind. Frankly I don't want to know what it is. Might make a good plot for a book, though. You know a secret but you don't know what it is.


  1. At what age did you start writing professionally then?

  2. The straight answer is 25. The facetious answer is I haven't started yet.

  3. Have you ever re-read your old material without realising you are the author? This happens to me from time to time when I google for background information on a particular topic I'm writing about. About half way through reading the article I get a strange feeling of "this is uncanny, that's just what I was thinking" and then check who wrote it - oh, it was me. And half the time I can't remember writing it.