Friday, December 18, 2009

Courtney Love is nobody's fool, apparently

In the same week that Courtney Love is denied custody of her daughter by a California judge, the new issue of Dazed & Confused drops. On the cover is said mother in very few clothes. Inside is an exclusive interview which is headlined "Nobody's Fool". Since this is the woman who seems to have managed to alienate, either permanently or temporarily, everyone from her former fashionista friends (she recently had to shut down her Twitter feed after calling some designer "a nasty lying hosebag thief") to her only daughter, I think we may fairly say that she is quite a big fool, albeit a rather pathetic one. But in the world of glossy magazines there is no fawning testimonial that journalists will not trade for the prospect of a one-on-one with a big name. Chuck in the naked pictures as well and you could damn near write your own copy. I remember Paula Yates giving a cover exclusive to "Red" magazine at the time she had been, let's say, out of the public eye for some time. She gave them an interview and pictures. They said she had got her life in shape. She was dead not long after. If she was showing signs of being on the edge they weren't reported in the feature. In this world where appearances are all you're either faaaabulous or dead. If Humber Wolfe were living at this hour he might want to take his famous poem and append something specifically about the style press:

You cannot hope
to bribe or twist,
thank God! the
British journalist.
But, seeing what
the man will do
unbribed, there's
no occasion to.

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  1. My first thought when I saw the cover was "Who give a toss about Courtney Love these days?" Putting her on the cover and bigging her up like that seems an obvious sign that she's the biggest "celebrity" Dazed & Confused can get and they'll eagerly jump through all sort of stupid PR hoops to land her.