Saturday, March 14, 2009

From the sublime to the ridiculous, a bunch of things that interested me this week

  • Barry Schwartz in a presentation at TED says we should be worrying less about rules and more about the development of what he calls "practical wisdom".
  • Simon Jenkins in the Guardian arguing that the fashion for blaming the current unpleasantness on Margaret Thatcher entails a complete ignorance of the facts. "British history is getting like Soviet history under the commissars, a prisoner of the world view of its partisans."
  • Rod Liddle in The Spectator moves the Myerson business up several gears, saying that she belongs to the generation born in 1960 "who take but will not give".
  • And my son sent this video of a dog having a bad dream.


  1. I've ignored the others and gone straight for the dog having a bad dream, which made me, in the old parlance, laugh out loud.

    May come back to the others later.

  2. Well I was born in 1962 and we're not the problem it's the lot before us - the bloody hippies.