Sunday, November 16, 2008

The future of dogs

I have nothing against dogs but I do not wish to own one. I think now may be the time to rationalise the numbers of such pets. This could be organised in a way that would be beneficial to both mutts and mutt-lovers. All public parks should have dogs tethered at their gates. Anyone taking a turn around the lake for a constitutional would be free to unhitch said dogs and take them for a stroll. At the end of this perambulation they would be returned to their place, refreshed by the exercise and having widened their social circle. It's an arrangement I can see myself taking advantage of.

For those who don't want to actually interact with the dogs but simply wish to look at them for a short while when they're at their most appealing I can only hope that Puppycam is but the first of a series of similar services. I've visited it about twenty times today.


  1. When i lived near there I always thought Battersea dogs home were missing out on a revemue stream what with the park just round the corner.

  2. Ah but where would it all end? Seedy dog-grooming parlours?

  3. Ahh, the Shiba Inu puppies in San Fransisco! Since I found that webcam about a fortnight ago I've been hooked on it as well.

    Let's see: sleep - fight - sleep - chew on plush toy - sleep - sleep - feed - sleep - poop - sleep - fight - sleep - Hi Mom! - sleep - pile onto top of each other - sleep... addictive or what!?

  4. If I remember correctly, most rescue centres have a dog walking facility, which my aunt used to take advantage of each Sunday. A great way of helping each other out, I'd say.

    As an aside, the good lady and myself are continually annoyed by the amount of dog crap on our streets, which in my part of town would shock a Parisian. Our solution is the return of the dog license and the banning of pet shop sales. And Staffs terriers.

  5. As a highly responsible dog owner, I'd argue for the introduction of a written exam that a prospective owner must pass before being allowed to have a pet dog. There's nothing wrong with Staffies, either. Most dog problems are attributable directly to the owners.