Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Robinho: there'll be tears

Can I be the first to point out that Robinho's thumb-sucking goal celebration is already the most embarrassing party piece since Robbie Keane dropped his gunslinger act? The fact that Real Madrid eventually sold him because, according to Ramon Calderon, it was impossible to have a conversation with him that didn't involve him crying indicates that we have some rich entertainment in prospect.


  1. Reminds me somewhat of the Tevez / Mascherano transfer two seasons ok. West Ham tipped for success...survived on the last day. Admittedly because of Tevez.

  2. As a committed Man City fan of long standing, I find myself fearing the worst. What do billions buy you these days? A place in the UEFA cup at best - all of the billionaires in English football don't go into four Champions League places do they? No doubt all it will amount to will be a couple of years of high-rolling in the transfer market, the growing emnity of other clubs and a few high profile games in Europe before it all goes tits up. Not exactly why we love the game is it?

    And perhaps someopne shoud have warned Robhinio that City do to strikers what Newcastle do to centre halves. He'll be needing his blanket to go with that thumb before the winter is out...

  3. They only signed him 24 hours ago and I'm already suffering from Robinho OD (Robinho OD, riding through the glen...).

  4. Is it OK for this Chelsea fan to complain that all the money City now have will ruin the game?

    Looks like they're aiming to make our budget look like Tranmere Rovers'.

  5. I'm just upset that Newcastle signing Jonas Gutierrez has apparently been banned from performing his Spiderman celebration.

    Football is simply no fun anymore.