Saturday, May 03, 2008

Nothing dates like tech

I found this in a 1982 issue of Smash Hits. It's from a photo spread where various luminaries (members of Wham!, Garry Tibbs from the Vibrators, all the quality) pose with exciting new entertainment products of the time. If they can lift them, that is. Here Annie Lennox enthuses about the new light-weight VHS camerapack from Sony and suggests that we use it to make interesting documentary films that we can send to Channel Four. The power source is presumably following on an articulated lorry.


  1. I remember a similar giant-sized video camera being present at my Grandfather's retirement party.

    Rather than carry this monstrosity around, its owner set it up on a tripod near the patio doors. My brothers and I were apparently under the impression that if we flashed V-signs at it very quickly, we somehow wouldn't be captured on film.

  2. Betamax not VHS, David. Sony early 80s. Schoolboy error!

  3. Anonymous11:30 am

    Ah, Gary Tibbs! Not only imortalised in Adam's 'Ant Rap', but also a member of Roxy Music for a while back there... Now, there's an idea for Word Online - musicians who have crossed more than one genre border!


  4. Could you please post the photo of Gary Tibbs, from the issue of Smash Hits? Or, if not, could you tell me the complete date of that issue? Thanks!