Sunday, April 06, 2008


This is the view from the kitchen this morning. The snow was forecast to arrive but nonetheless we still react to it with the same delighted surprise as we did as a child.

Tradition dictates that whoever gets up first will always open the curtains and exclaim "Oh!" in precisely the same voice.


  1. If i wasn't going to be sitting outside at Wembley all afternoon I might be a bit more pleased! plus the rest of my family are driving from Yorkshire for the match. I did say "blimey" in the same voice though :)

  2. Anonymous9:25 am

    I'm letting my three year old sleep in, but can't wait until he sees snow for the first time. His "Oh!" should be wonderful.

  3. Anonymous9:36 am

    My three year old is out romping in it now.

    Is is wrong for me to be worrying that the shrieking will wake the neighbours this early on a Sunday...

  4. anyone who complains about the shrieks of a 3 year old's joy at playing in the snow, probably needs to have think about their priorities.

  5. At the risk of being accused of misansnowpy, I'm really not in the mood for snow. It's April. I'm trying not to ruin it for my five year-old, but...bah. And, if you will, humbug.

  6. Ah, the sight of our cat gingerly tiptoeing through the snow, making perfect round prints in it, deciding on the whole she'd rather not, and then flicking her paws once back inside to remove the residue of this alien substance.

    (My "Oh!" was based on my own cynicism that weather reports are ever right, as in, "Oh! They were right!")

  7. Anonymous8:10 pm

    Snow always reminds me of the time somebody broke into the village shop where I lived as a teenager. The police were able to aprehend the culprit by the ingenious ploy of following the footsteps in the snow back to his house.

  8. Anonymous9:17 pm

    It was rather amusing that Radio 5 talked of little else this morning. I suppose we get so little snow in the London these days that it's understandable. I wonder if they'll get a bit blase about it when they all move to Manchester?

    We got up early and went to Kew. I can't imagine you'll get many chances to see Kew gardens in the snow these days. It was wonderful.


  9. Time to dig out Prince's "Parade", specifically "Sometimes It Snows In April".

  10. Yes - we had a pyjamas and wellies jump around at about half eight this morning - was fun.

  11. Anonymous3:52 pm

    How many London/South-East-based bloggers have also done the same as you, David, and taken a picture of the scene and popped it on their site.

    I know I have ;o) ... Oh!