Monday, March 26, 2007


I'm doing this Radio Four programme called "Three Minute Education" which is all about things people learn from pop music. Always odd doing things like this for the BBC because before you've even finished it you get rung up by Radio Times to write a piece about it. You feel like saying 'I haven't finished it yet so how can I write about it?' It turns out that there's a programme billing going round the place describing it so it's clearly in existence already. Certainly as far as the BBC is concerned. But then, of course, you say yes, grateful for any publicity. Excellent cover on this week's Radio Times, incidentally. Hugh Laurie snapping on a rubber glove with the word "Next!" Would have put it up here but the BBC employ squadrons of people to ring fence their "content" as much as they can. Don't we pay for all this?


  1. >> Don't we pay for all this?

    Well, not the Radio Times. That's BBC Worldwide, commercial, and has to pay its own way. It would be unfair competition against listings mags otherwise, and thats where the ridiculous "Other listings magazines are available" tagline on the TV ads comes from.

    Funny enough, do you remember the days when you had to buy the Radio Times to get BBC listings, and the TV Times to get ITV listings and never the twain would meet? Just think, if the market had not been deregulated, there would be no cheap listings mags, and therefore very possibly Jade Goody would not have become a TV Quick-grade celeb.

  2. Don't you think that Hello and OK are more responsible for Goody?

    TV Quick et al usually feature soap characters.

  3. Here's my challenge. You can go and get a JPEG of the cover of every magazine in the UK right now. Except Radio Times. I can't see whose interest this is in.

  4. took up the challenge and this weeks radio times cover is no where to be seen, not even on their website! On the first page of google not unsuprisingly there are lot's of Dr Who covers and even one for the scary post nuclear war drama "threads" which is from 1984!

  5. Anonymous11:36 pm

    Tred Magill anyone?

  6. Anonymous3:10 pm

    As the Editor of TVQuick I challenge you to find Jade Goody in our pages ever.

    What exactly is a TV Quick-grade celeb. Clearly fromm someone who's never read the mag.

  7. Anonymous9:37 am

    One place you can find jpegs of the cover of Radio Times is on, which of course is paid for by the licence fee.

    Strangely, however, none of the other magazines featuring Doctor Who on its cover this week is afforded the same honour.