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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Seven thoughts on the morning of yet another England football failure

  1. All this talk about "humiliation" is no help to anyone. England lost a football match. As the young Boris Becker pointed out all those years ago, "nobody died."
  2. I don't buy the idea that England footballers don't try. Very often they try too hard. What matters is trying effectively
  3. And it's nothing to do with how much they're paid either.
  4. Our best players play at a the top level, but generally alongside players from overseas who are technically better and can deal with pressure for them. As soon as things go wrong for an England team you can see the fear in their eyes.
  5. When the England rugby team won the World Cup in 2003 Martin Johnson was the captain but they had another four "officers" on the field who could have done his job. That's what you need to win in any team sport.
  6. Iceland are a good team unencumbered by expectation whereas England are a fragile team saddled with mad levels of expectation.
  7. The next England manager should do just one press conference a year.