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Sunday, July 07, 2013

Why MPs really should lay off rock

In The Independent MP Karen Buck contributes to a list of the most overrated bands of the 60s. As follows:
5. Fairport Convention "Liege and Leaf got five stars but no one actually played it. Or if they did, they were too stoned to remember." Karen Buck, Labour MP.
I know the MP hasn't been born who can resist expressing an opinion about music but you would have thought that if she actually had heard the record she would know:

  1. How to spell the record's name;
  2. "Liege And Lief" didn't get five stars because in those days star ratings were unknown;
  3. Fairport fans were never particularly big stoners, tending to prefer woolly ale;
  4. It came out a few weeks before 1970 so it's barely a 60s record at all;
  5. It was and remains one of the most-played records of its era.
Apart from that, all correct.