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Monday, October 01, 2012

I haven't been so cross with a Virgin product since Beefheart's "Bluejeans And Moonbeams"

I don't have cable but I do have one of these directly outside my house. This one (left) in fact. It belongs to Virgin Media. The engineers obviously have trouble shutting it properly so they took to using masking tape on it. I've reported it repeatedly but nothing's been done to clean it up. When I take it to Twitter, as I have done more than once, Virgin Media's people direct me to their site where I report it (they want to know if it's got any racist grafitti on it) and still nothing's done. It's typical modern customer relations. Lots of time and trouble devoted to trying to assure me they're taking the problem seriously followed by no indication that they are.

I've found this one round the corner as well. I pass this one regularly and as far as I can see it's been open for six months. How the good people of Redacted Road resist the temptation to just reach inside, grab a fistful of multi-coloured fibre optic cables and yank them out is a tribute to their neighbourliness. Virgin Media really don't deserve them.