Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Twenty highlights of a stag weekend in Magaluf

Nobody has stag nights any more. One of the guys in our office has been on his stag weekend in Magaluf, which seems to be the form. As is traditional he recounted the highlights when he return. I scribbled down a few notes.

1. Rubber fist
2. Viking helmet
3. Drawing on face
4. Cable-tied
5. Absinthe
6. Sick in a pint mug
7. Dare cards
8. Kiss as many men as possible
9. Eighteen-strong
10. My brother in law the vicar
11. "All the curry poured on me"
12. "Knocked her hair extensions out"
13. Klinsmann dive on table full of drinks
14. Clinically obese man in Teletubbies suit
15. Best man went to bed in wrong hotel
16. Girl selling syringes of Sambuca
17. Ripped off the nappy while singing It's Raining Men
18. Suicide tequilas
19. "Hit my best man round the face with a flip flop"
20. "The biggest balls I've ever seen"


  1. An argument for civil partnerships for everyone.

  2. I got married 2 years ago; my stag night: me and my best man went to the pub for a couple of pints. My brother and his girlfriend, who had come over from France for the wedding, joined us for some of the evening.

    That was it.

  3. The stag night has now become the stag weekend or even week. How do you convince your mates that spending £1000 - £1500 going on the piss for 7 days in some exotic hot-spot is a good idea?

    Or am I showing my age?

    P.S. Mine was a few pints followed by a curry.

  4. These people that have £1000 to £1500 to spend on a stag do have more money than sense. I could think of better things to do with that sort of money.

    In contrast my stag night was a couple of pints in the pub the night before I got married with my dad brother and a mate. Far more civilised and didn't require me to use any Annual Leave from work!

  5. I think it depends on the stag; for some, a few pints and a curry is enough partying for them, whereas other grooms wont feel complete without a weekend away, obnoxious Stag Night T-Shirts emblazoned with crude words, an army of strippers and enough alcohol to kill an elephant.