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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

There's nothing as funny as an old Grazia cover line

One of the curses of the internet is that old issues of gossip magazines stick around to haunt their editors. These are just a few Grazia cover stories I found last night.

"Victoria - leading separate life from David" (December 2007)
Think they've just had a baby.
"Brangelina - it's over - Brad banned from bedroom" (March 2009)
Seem to be going strong three years later.
"Jennifer to adopt a baby boy called Alex!" (April 2008)
"Jen and Brad - back together?" (May 2009)
"Katie flips! Is new marriage test the final straw?" (May 2009)
Doesn't appear so.
"Ange - Life without Brad" (June 2009)
Except she was still with Brad.
"Gwyneth marriage under attack" (November 2009)
Seemed to withstand whatever "attack" that was.
"Lady Gaga - battling serious illness?" (June 2010)
Seems to be bearing up.
"Has Kate secretly got married?" (October 2010)
No, she waited a year and then got very publicly married.