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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Eight things I learned at the Sony Awards

To the Sony Awards, there to see eight media truths being acted out.
1. The day of embargoes is past. The Telegraph's media editor had been given a list of the winners, written them up and given it to his production people with strict instructions not to publish before a certain hour. Of course they disregarded his orders and so anyone who really wanted to know if they'd won could look on the web. Inevitable really.
2. The thing we require from presenters is energy. Chris Evans was in charge. He was as good as anybody I've ever seen, pushing all thirty-eight categories along while making sure that the most deserving got their golden moment.
3. As prizewinner David Attenborough observed, compared to radio TV is easy.
4. An audience of radio professionals is better mannered than its inky equivalent.
5. Breakfast show presenters look each other up and down like gunfighters. When Christian O'Connell and Johnny Vaughan came up you could see Evans bristle.
6. People who get paid for introducing pop records on the radio would be well advised to look in the mirror every morning and remind themselves that they have one of life's cushier numbers; we don't need to know about their children.
7. There's something uniquely undignified about being introduced as FHM's "fourth sexiest woman in the world".
8. Everyone over 60 is "legendary".