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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Introducing a genuinely exciting item of information technology

The Pilot G2 "Pixie" pen, if you want to get technical. Like a normal pen but small enough to go in the pocket of your jeans. Or, at this time of year, shorts.

No money has changed hands in connection with this message.


Paul K said...

Is it any better than the Fisher "Bullet Pen", which has fitted into pockets since the 1940s? A design classic.

(no money etc also)

petal47 said...

Ooh, I've got a lovely turquoise one of those. Nice in purple too.
(Other pens are available).

Anonymous said...

If you go to Ryman's they sell pens by the till that start off tiny and stretch out. I've amused (I think) many people with my fabulous extending pen.

Yours - Nigel Ryman

Douglas said...

Fisher Space Pen - Another urban legend bites the dust:

Paul K said...

Or not - the Russians may have used a pencil in space, but consider the hazard of bits of broken pencil lead, to say nothing of shavings, in zero gravity.

And presumably they didn't need to write any cheques?

Anonymous said...

Another bit of pocket sized information technology for you.

print that off and bung together with a phonecard, all held together with a bulldog clip, and you've got yourself a poormans smarthphone.