Wednesday, April 04, 2012

How the Daily Mail fishes in the New Complaining Classes

Before the Internet I didn't see the Daily Mail much. Now I see it a lot. I look at their site a few times everyday because I know that if anything's happening it'll be there, generally presented in a mean-minded way.  (That's how gossip works. Isn't there a line in an old Bette Davies film that goes "if you can't think of anything nice to say about anyone, come sit by me"?)

But I mostly hear about the Daily Mail from the people who disapprove of it most. It's the daily drum beat of Twitter - what have they gone and done now? These people can't wait to tell me what's the latest and how I should feel about it. There was some story yesterday about a woman claiming that people hated her because she's so beautiful. I didn't read it but thanks to them I know all about it.

This is why the Mail is the most-visited newspaper site in the world - because it's found that it can do just as well out of provoking its opponents as in pleasing its fans. They're all clicks. As my old colleague Danny Kelly used to point out, some people are so easy to fish in you just have to show them the rod and they're doing sit-ups on the bank.


  1. Yes. But. It's still a vile paper that gives a lot of poisonous people a voice. No amount of media-savvy ex post facto rationalisation is going to change that.

  2. I suppose we are only supposed to be shocked and indignant if it affects Noel Edmonds. Sorry but I'm guessing your own Daily Mail habit has more to do with age and attitude. You do increasingly sounds like core readership.

    In the end some people have always stood up against racism, sexism, facism etc.

    As for them telling you "how I should feel about it", you're the one writing the blog post.

    Non pro journalists/broadcasters having a voice and complaining about those who used to be untouchable is becoming a frequent theme for you.

    Perhaps you'd prefer it if we all shut up and left the magazine directors to share their own opinions in peace?

  3. An entire website full of Jean Rooks...

  4. I've never looked at the Daily Mail website but now have an increasing respect for it.